Therapy Play and Learn Session

Allied Health Assistance / Therapy Assistance

Allied health assistants work with and under delegation and supervision of allied health professionals to support allied health care. The AHA delivers and assists allied health professionals to deliver health care to individuals. Implementation of therapy content via therapy program in a child’s daily life routines (daycare, kindy, school and home settings)

      • Increase of therapy elements and activities + higher repetition of therapy content > therapy success and growth
      • Working directly under the delegation of an Allied Health Professional within a tailored therapy program
      • Regular supervision
Disability Support Work under the NDIS scheme 
      • Core support
      • Assistance with Daily Life
      • Assistance with Social & Community Participation
Language Specialist Tutoring– read3 program

Helping children with reading and writing difficulties.

PomPom learning concept

PomPom learning combines the latest Speech Pathology & therapy principles and methodologies in a playful and fun way to establish your little one’s lives.

Lena’s approach is to educate and support a child in a holistic way with activities and input based on every child’s individual pace and development.

She also follows the immersive age-appropriate learning philosophy for early education.

Frequently Asked Questions

I offer slots of 1 – 1.5h PomPom learning is based on my own concept and belief that learning by playing is the best way to go. Time can fly when you have fun. We have many ideas to get and keep a child’s interest.

I’m accepting appointments via a nice friendly phone call or by email. 

M: 0426526258


Please let me know if you would like to secure a particular spot for the future and I block it for you (Cancellation policies still occur).

That is completely up to you, your own commitment, the ability and motivation of your child and family. Thankfully children have a great ability to learn and pick up skills easier. I belief in the concept „learning by playing“. Learning can be fun and there is no maximum for gaining more knowledges and skills during sessions.

You are more than welcome to stay. We’re creating a easy-going, safe and relaxing area for your child to feel most comfortable while it learns. In case you leave the clinic please be aware that parents held responsibility for the children at all time.

 We look forward hearing from you

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.